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Bar Harbor Tides Bed And Breakfast

bar harbor tides bed and breakfast

    bar harbor
  • Bar Harbor is a town on Mount Desert Island in Hancock County, Maine, United States. As of the 2000 census, its population is 4,820. Bar Harbor is a famous summer colony in the Down East region of Maine.

  • A resort town in southern central Maine, on Mount Desert Island; pop. 4,443

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Bar Harbor After Dark ~ Bar Harbor Inn

Bar Harbor After Dark ~ Bar Harbor Inn

Bar Harbor was founded on the northeast shore of Mount Desert Island, In early September 1604, French explorer Samuel de Champlain ran aground on a rock ledge believed to be just off Otter Cliffs, and when he came ashore to repair his boat he met local natives. Champlain named the island Isles des Monts Deserts, meaning "island of barren mountains" — now called Mount Desert Island, the largest in Maine.

First settled in 1763 by Israel Higgins and John Thomas, the community was incorporated in 1796 as Eden, after Sir Richard Eden, an English statesman. Early industries included fishing, lumbering and shipbuilding. With the best soil on Mount Desert Island, it also developed agriculture. In the 1840s, its rugged maritime scenery attracted the Hudson River School and Luminism artists Thomas Cole, Frederic Edwin Church, William Hart and Fitz Henry Lane. Inspired by their paintings, journalists, sportsmen and "rusticators" followed. Agamont House, the first hotel in Eden, was established in 1855 by Tobias Roberts. Birch Point, the first summer estate, was built in 1868 by Alpheus Hardy.

By 1880, there were 30 hotels, with tourists arriving by train and ferry to the Gilded Age resort that would rival Newport, Rhode Island

Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor

We went to Bar Harbor specifically to take a Whale Watching cruise. Unfortunately on the day we were meant to go Whale watching they cancelled the trip because of bad weather.

As you can see this is a photo taken at the time we were meant to be sailing and the weather looks really BAD!!!!!

To make matters worst they said they would credit the money back to my credit card but the ticket company Museumtix.com won't return the money until you phone them and they only ever put you on hold when you try, so it seems I have also lost my money as well as not getting the trip

bar harbor tides bed and breakfast

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